Welcome and thanks for visiting my blog – I hope my rhymes strike a chord and that you share some, or maybe all, of my frustrations. You will notice that I am not writing this in rhyme, and it’s likely that this will be the longest piece of prose that will ever appear on my blog.
No doubt you have worked out that Will Scribe is not my real name. Will is, I suppose, my alter ego. Taking on Will’s persona helps me fight the Dragons and seek the truth. You could say Will Scribe is my Zorro mask.

Will Scribe Zorro MaskI am passionate about defeating the Dragons that I believe are in need of slaying. The Dragons that threaten our basic right to privacy; that attack our freedom of speech through the imposition of ludicrous political correctness; that threaten national identities and cultures, and that support and promote the politically inspired mass hysteria which diverts attention, and funding, away from real environmental issues in the pursuance of a discredited global warming narrative, all in furtherance of UN Agenda 21 and its quest for a “World Government”; these are just some of issues I am passionate about.

I write about things that irritate me and I bet some of them irritate you as well. Apart from the Dragons you can find some more of my rhymes in “From the Soapbox’. I use my rhyme, often embedded with satire, and at times acerbic, to try to repel those Dragons who would destroy the values we stand for, or used to stand for. Against the trend, I do not resort to profanity to make my point, it weakens the argument. I believe that profanity is the linguistic crutch of the inarticulate; my pen is mightier without it.

My rhymes seem to keep pouring forth and I hope that each time you visit my blog  you will find something new waiting for you there.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you become a follower and friend of Will Scribe.

Will Scribe Dragon 2

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Happy Reading (and death to the Dragons!)


1 thought on “BEHIND THE MASK”

  1. Keep the Rhymes coming, I always enjoy them.

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