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Lest we forget.

Seventy years have passed
Since that dreadful war ended,
We had won the fight
On which our future depended,
Evil enemies defeated,
But at a terrible cost,
A great part of a generation
Their short lives they’d lost.

Will Scribe VJ DayNow survivors march by,
Or in wheel chairs are wheeled,
Determination strong as iron,
Refusing to yield,
Offering up their lives
So ours could be saved,
The road to our freedom
By their bravery paved.

The memories of those days
Etched into old men’s faces,
The horrors they saw
In those foreign places,
Leaving loved ones behind,
A duty to the nation,
Fighting their fears and our enemies,
Men of a different generation.

How quickly we’ve forgotten,
Our children no longer taught,
For what we take for granted
Those soldiers died or fought
Sacrifices being made
So that Britain could remain great,
It’s a pity our precious freedom
We forget to appreciate!

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© Will Scribe 2015

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