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The country will neither be united at home nor respected abroad, till the reins of government are lodged with men who have some little pretensions to common sense and common honesty”. Lord Shelburne – House of Lords 1770

A government of untouchables,
Isn’t that what we need?
Honest and fearless,
With no personal greed;
Who away from the truth
Won’t get deflected,
Or by ludicrous propaganda
Won’t get infected.

Will Scribe UntouchablesBeing politically correct
Won’t be their priority,
Their mission will be
To look after the majority;
Making sure that our privacy
And free speech are protected,
And by bleeding heart liberals
Our liberty isn’t rejected.

Who’ll not be intimidated
When dealing with immigration,
Who’ll defend the traditions
And culture of the nation.
Who’ll respect people’s fears,
Not simply deride them,
And when the majority speaks
Not simply override them.

Who’ll not succumb
To a world governance plan,
Who’ll understand that climate
Isn’t driven by man.
Who are happy to see
Developing nations thrive,
Having abundant cheap energy
To keep people alive.

A true government of the people
Who’ll do what they say,
Who’ll make honesty and integrity
The only democratic way;
To be respected in the world
Not held in derision,
I wonder how many out there
Also share in my vision!

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© Will Scribe 2015

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“Being controlled by the government,
Letting them pull my strings,
Is not on the list
Of my favourite things;
Having my privacy invaded,
My free speech corrected,
Must comply with their narrative
Or I’ll be suspected….”

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