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 Alarmists pretend they’re on a moral crusade,
If you believe that a big mistake you have made!

No access to cheap energy
We know is killing the poor,
Alarmists’ faith based science
Will kill millions more,
Claiming to be concerned
About future generations;
All skillfully orchestrated,
By the United Nations.

Will Scribe Cheap Energy 01The Intergovernmental Panel,
Focus on the word ‘government’,
No real science found there,
It has a different intent.
To bring about a change,
A new world order of things,
A heinous Marxist agenda,
The UN pulling the strings.

Oblivious or uncaring
About poorer nations’ plight,
Hypocritical climate alarmists,
Snug in their beds at night;
Abandoning all moral obligations,
By religion they are driven,
Generating fear from our ignorance,
Will they ever be forgiven?

They talk about deniers,
Accusations they let fly,
But denying cheaper energy
Is condemning the poor to die.
So who are the real ‘deniers’?
I’ll leave it to you to choose,
But while alarmists pontificate,
It’s the poor who will really lose.

So to the poor of the world
There’s is a message we send,
Any hopes for your salvation
The alarmists will end.
You see they worship a religion
That is quite different to yours,
It has no morality or conscience,
So your plight it ignores.

Will Scribe Image 11 Frame 01All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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