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Many of the real scientists, studying actual climate history, have suggested that the evidence points to a period of global cooling. What if they are right?

What if it got colder
And we had more ice and more snow,
And because of the cold
Food crops wouldn’t grow,
And we needed more energy
To keep us all warm
As there was no global warming,
Mother Nature wouldn’t conform?

Will Scribe Global CoolingA food and energy crisis
The world would be facing,
We’d be praying for heat,
The cold needed replacing,
Begging for global warming,
We’d be down on our knees,
Because a warmer climate
Many problems would ease.

Twenty times more die
Not from heat but from cold,
So how would we protect
All those people now old?
And with crop yields declining
How would we keep the poor fed?
Hope the ground’s not too hard
To bury the dead.

We’d look back on the time
That had just passed us by,
Of wonderful warm days
A plentiful food supply,
And then perhaps we’d question
Why warm made us so frightened,
And why of the truth behind climate
We were not more enlightened.

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© Will Scribe 2015

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“What is it about these models,
All computer generated,
That have us so enthralled,
And so captivated?
Their garbage in garbage out
Seems to hold us in awe,
As real world observations
We choose to ignore…..”

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“There’s something afoot,
There’s a political plan
To change the world order
By linking climate with man,
And so as that goal
Can by the UN be achieved,
With scientific hocus pocus
We’ve all been deceived……”

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