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In my dragon slayer’s cave, this old keyboard warrior,
Looking out on the world, and feeling much sorrier;
Progress sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse;
Here’s my wish list for changes, as expected in verse.

If we could see that loss of privacy
Will take such a terrible toll,
And that personal freedom is more precious
Than government control.
If freedom of speech
Made a welcome return,
And political correctness
We were able to spurn.

Will Scribe Dragon Slayer 4If by the voice of minorities
We were not so infected,
And the voice of the majority
Could be much better projected.
If mainstream media propaganda
Was a thing of the past,
And strong moral values
Were things that would last.

If tradition was not something
That we always decry,
And the lessons of history
We weren’t so quick to deny.
If the English language was not
So grossly abused,
And words like racist and poverty
Could be properly used.

If all forms of respect
Were no longer derided,
And if tolerance was recognised
As sometimes misguided.
If the UK could be free again
To flex its own muscles,
Not controlled by faceless bureaucrats,
Hiding in Brussels.

If real environmental issues
Could come to the fore,
And the political fallacies
We could learn to ignore.
If the global warming nonsense
Would eventually cease,
And the environment could be protected
From the likes of Greenpeace.

If the West would realise
That it could sometimes be wrong,
And the smell from its hypocrisy
Wasn’t so strong.
If we could see that our bombs
Leave their children dead,
And that that could be the reason
They decide to behead.

If technology became our slave,
Instead of our master,
If we did some things more slowly
And not always faster.
If life could be simpler
And not so confusing;
And that simpler life
Was there for the choosing!

Will Scribe Image 11 Frame 01All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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