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The government at a loss as to what they must do,
The only solution is to leave the EU!

Have you been watching
The EU invasion?
So many migrants,
A frightening situation.
The majority are young men,
Well fed, fit and strong,
They’re like an army on the march,
Tell me I’m wrong?

Will Scribe Uncontrolled Immigration 02To check for terrorists
Security forces at a a loss,
As through the EU borders
Young men pour across;
ISIS long ago threatened
To use a mass migration
As the perfect cover
For a mass infiltration.

With our open borders
We have opened our doors
To uncontrolled immigration
With all of its flaws,
A tsunami of migrants
Now coming our way,
The results of misguided compassion
Are there on display.

We must leave the EU,
We must to stem the tide,
For our welfare system
It’s plain suicide,
How will we find schools
And extra hospital places?
And continue to pay benefits
To so many foreign faces?

Genuine refugees
Should seek shelter nearby,
In a neighbouring country
Is where they first try,
But economic migrants
They’re just not the same,
But we can’t talk of the difference,
Political correctness to blame.

The government makes promises
That it just can’t keep,
Uncontrolled immigration
The cost is too steep,
Losing our culture,
Bankrupting the state,
We need to put the brakes on
Before it’s too late.

Will Scribe Image 11 Frame 01All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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