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“The climate stubbornly refuses to co-operate with computer models and the writers of alarmist popular articles and books.”   Ian Plimer

What is it about these models,
All computer generated,
That have us so enthralled,
And so captivated?
Their garbage in garbage out
Seems to hold us in awe,
As real world observations
We choose to ignore.

Will Scribe Computer Models 01The models are programmed,
So carefully,
To produce the answers
Politicians demand they must see.
And as their projections all fail
They’re just cast to one side,
But the real science about climate
Remains compromised.

These models are destroying
The integrity of science,
On their continuous false predictions
There’s now a reliance.
What we see with our eyes
No longer attracts,
And the model’s projections
Are now treated as ‘facts’.

It’s the computer model outpourings
That now get reported,
The real data never matches,
So it’s adjusted and distorted.
The input of real scientists
Is no longer regarded,
And we now rely on the input
Of the rationally retarded.

With computer generated images
Being so often used,
At telling the real from the false
We’ve become somewhat confused;
Our uncertainty being seized on
By those in control,
Who see new world order creation
As their primary role.

Will Scribe Image 11 Frame 01All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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