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Put it in the label if there’s nothing to hide
Or am I missing the much darker side?

The mighty Monsanto,
Aloof and untouchable,
Held in esteem by politicians,
So easily corruptible;
Through monopolisation
Trying to eradicate our choice,
And the paid for politicians
Trying to silence our voice.

Will Scribe Monsanto 01Genetic modification
If it’s as harmless as claimed,
Then label the products
Why be so ashamed?
Put it there on the label
So that we all can see,
Bring freedom of choice back
To the land of the free.

If GMO’s won’t harm you,
Then what harm would it do
To label the products
So that that we all knew?
We could then make a choice
Whether to buy them or not,
But this simple logic
Gets Monsanto all hot.

Can’t we choose what we eat?
Don’t we have a right to know
What happens to the crops
How they make them grow?
Nobody really understands
The true long term situation
Of how our bodies will react
To our food’s modification.

And of course if Monsanto becomes
The only supplier,
And with government’s involvement,
There could be the desire
To use their seeds
In a quite different way,
With all sorts of experiments
They’d be able to play.

Protecting Monsanto’s profits
Is a political priority,
As Monsanto funds politicians
To protect their majority,
All that dirty money,
Swilling around and around,
To ensure it’s Monsanto’s seeds
That we plant in the ground.

Perhaps we should give Monsanto
A label instead,
Dig out the corruption
Cut off the snake’s head,
Frustrate the lobbying,
The attempt at control,
And list the senators and congressmen
On Monsanto’s payroll.

Will Scribe Image 11 Frame 01All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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