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“Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it”.   Thomas Sowell

A favoured proposition,
That I often expound,
Is that socialism needs the poor
And not the other way around;
Capitalism is removing poverty,
It has the persistence,
Whereas socialism needs poverty
For its very existence.

Will Scribe SocialismIf people had enough
And they were no longer ‘poor’
Then a vote for socialism
What would it stand for?
Not a complex argument
It’s simple enough
Socialist’s ‘war on poverty’
Is just so much bluff.

Their policies are aimed
At giving longevity
To the plight of all those
Who are living in poverty;
That’s why they promote
Their welfare state,
And why the capitalist system
They preach we must hate.

I am sorry I’m not singing
The left’s favourite song,
But please explain to me
Where my logic is wrong,
Capitalist or realist?
Maybe the same thing,
But relief for the poor
I know who will bring.

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