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Ruled by Merkel’s unelected appointees,
Or ruled by our own British elected MP’s?

Rule Britannia,
Britannia rule the waves,
Those who gave their lives
Now spinning in their graves;
No longer sailing on the top,
We’re sinking to the bottom,
Embracing other cultures.
While ours is being forgotten

Will Scribe No to EU 01A member of the EU,
Part of the federal state,
Faceless Brussels’ wonders
Deciding our country’s fate;
Confused by multiculturalism,
No longer knowing who we are,
With our PC and our apathy
We’ve let it go too far.

It’s time to turn the tide
Before it is too late,
Before we’re no longer British
Before we’re no longer great.
Say no to the EU commissars,
And no to uncontrolled immigration,
Say no to those who try to scare us
With their socialist intimidation.

Say yes to our traditions,
Say no to those who scorn,
Say no to ambitious politicians,
In Brussels how they grovel and fawn.
Say yes to more free trade,
But no to further integration;
And so by saying no when you vote
You’re saying yes to a British nation.

Will Scribe Image 11 Frame 01All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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