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“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”   Voltaire

Stop the world from turning,
Stop the climate from changing,
No more night after day,
Things need rearranging;
And it can be done,
Our politicians say so,
And being physics professors
They really should know.

Will Scribe Flying Pigs 01

We must subdue Nature,
She’s out of control;
To master the elements,
The politician’s new role.
To those who were doubting
They’ve been pumped full with fear,
In getting us all subjugated
They’re ever so near.

Ignore their white elephants
And the pink pigs flying by;
We just have to believe them,
Why should they all lie?
So come on all you deniers,
Give these guys a break,
It’s a whole new world order
They’re trying to make!

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© Will Scribe 2015

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