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“I think the greatest single enemy is the misuse of information, the perversion of truth in the hands of terribly skillful people”.  John le Carré

Under the shadow of the Eiffel
The delegates will meet,
A free trip to Paris
That’s one special treat!
When added to other COP venues,
It makes an impressive list,
I wouldn’t mind becoming
A global warming tourist.

Will Scribe Paris Eiffel COP 01But I shouldn’t be flippant,
There is much to discuss,
There’s the new world order
And how to get control over us;
How to stop cheap energy
And its proliferation,
Ensuring the poor remain poor
For each coming generation.

The Pope’s been recruited,
And that is good news,
Many will be influenced
By his communist views,
But merging two religions
Could be quite tricky stuff,
Since some of the Catholics
Might not be gullible enough.

And of course there’s Obama,
He keeps on banging the drum,
Ranting about those changes
That never seem to come;
But with no scientific background
He has the perfect qualifications
For endorsing the ‘science’
At the United Nations.

But then on the down side
There’s that warming pause,
Weather not complying
With their climate model laws,
But the data can be altered
And the pause just negated,
Then ‘extreme’ weather events
Can be easily created.

But behind their smiling faces
The delegates will be concerned,
They need to protect
Those big incomes being earned,
But if the funding dries up,
If their scam runs out of steam,
There’ll be no cushy jobs left,
It’ll be the end of their dream.

Will Scribe Image 11 Frame 01All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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“By an unproven hypothesis,
We’ve been taken in;
Consensus and settled,
Are so much political spin.
The misinformed tricked
Into so easily believing;
Fear and ignorance, it seems,
Are so good at deceiving….”

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“Our climate is changing, always has, always will,
For billions of years it has never stood still.
As ice ages and warm periods keep on evolving,
The mysteries of climate we’re no nearer to solving,
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Denying Mother Nature’s more powerful role…..”

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