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“Monkeys must disperse once their tree falls”  Chinese Proverb

We said no to the euro,
What a good decision,
Although at the time
It was met with derision
By those who said,
If you can remember, perhaps,
Our trade would plummet,
The pound would collapse.

Will Scribe Euro Collapse 01Fast forward to today,
And what do you see?
Against a euro in trouble
The pound strong and free,
And our economy stronger
Than our European friends,
Yet we were told on joining the euro
Our future depends.

The crisis in Greece
Should make us think
That a chain is as strong
As its weakest link,
And the EU chain
Could be falling apart,
And a weak link like Greece
Could just be a start.

Independence from the euro
Kept this country strong,
Independent from the EU
Is surely where we belong;
Free to trade
With whom we choose,
And our trade with the EU
Why would we lose?

The same scaremongering
Will occur, that’s for sure
By those who believe
Britain’s not Great anymore,
But part of a federal Europe
Is no way to go,
When it comes to the EU
We need to say no.

Will Scribe Image 11 Frame 01All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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