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“It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.”

They call me a denier
Why is that so?
Is it because there’s a line,
That I won’t toe?
Is it because I question
Their alleged “science”
Is it really because
I won’t show compliance?

Will Scribe Denier

They call me a denier
What does it mean?
That I can see colours
Other than green?
I’ve not been radicalised,
I’ve not been indoctrinated?
I’m not fooled by the fear:
Is that why I’m hated?

They call me a denier,
But why call me names?
It only proves to me
There’s no proof in their claims,
Or they would debate them,
Present observational evidence,
Instead they berate me
For not accepting their pretence.

Denying claims based on a conspiracy,
Claims based on a fraud,
Claims based on a pseudo-science
That should be deplored;
The scientific method rejected,
It was once held so dear,
Replaced by a method
Of ignorance and fear.

They call me a denier,
I resist the intimidation,
The predictions of doom
Are pure confabulation;
While Agenda 21
Lurks behind the scenes,
I reject world governance,
And all that it means.

While collective passivity
Is surely their goal,
We all need to fight for less,
Not more, government control;
Environmental communism
Does not inspire,
I value my freedom,
Yes, I’m a denier!

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