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Our share of the voting
Less than 10 per cent;
“At the heart of Europe”,
But we need their consent.

The EU is now so different
From the Common Market we joined,
That simple trade agreement
Along the way’s been purloined;
And now we’re just a satellite
Of an EU federal state,
With appointed commissars
Deciding our country’s fate.

epa03860624 Members of the European Parliament vote during a plenary session at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, 10 September 2013. The European Parliament calls for better protection for users of online gambling. EPA/PATRICK SEEGER

Voting in a general election,
Is there any point any more?
As the EU in Brussels
Dictates most of our law.
Who are these commissars?
Can you name any?
Yet we follow their rules,
Of which there are many.

A referendum is now promised,
They tried to shut the door,
But it was forced open
As UKIP burst to the fore;
So a chance we’ve been given
To decide our future’s way,
Free from the shackles of Brussels,
Where politicians want us to stay.

False fears about the economy
To give us all a scare,
The same fears about the EURO,
Said our trade would disappear;
But look what really happened,
Couldn’t have got it more wrong,
With a real growing economy,
Back where we belong.

Made in Britain,
A tag to make us all proud,
Made in the EU,
Just a member of the crowd;
It’s an insult to the British people
To say that our future depends
On being subservient to commissars,
Not all of them our friends.

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Say Yes By Saying No!

“Rule Britannia,
Britannia rule the waves,
Those who gave their lives
Now spinning in their graves;
No longer sailing on the top,
We’re sinking to the bottom,
Embracing other cultures.
While ours is being forgotten….”

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A Government Overthrowing Its People

“Precedent dictated that the people should choose,
But we entered the EU via a political ruse;
A referendum held two years after the event,
If only the people knew then what it all meant!….”

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“I had a dream as I slept in my bed last night,
Of a Britain being ruled just by Brits;
Not by faceless bureaucrats, socialist commissars,
Based in Brussels, where the EU sits…….”

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© Will Scribe 2015

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