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Mother Nature taunts man,
She tricks and she teases;
Man thinks he controls her,
But she does what she pleases!

Our climate is changing, always has, always will,
For billions of years it has never stood still.
As ice ages and warm periods keep on evolving,
The mysteries of climate we’re no nearer to solving,
And yet politicians say man’s now in control,
Denying Mother Nature’s more powerful role.

Will Scribe Man Knows EverythingFacts being distorted to create the illusion
That man controls climate, so now there’s confusion
As people no longer know what to believe,
Politicians find it so easy to trick and deceive;
Using fear and ignorance to prove they are right,
And of the real facts we so quickly lose sight.

Look out of your window, look up to the sun
That has been shining there since time has begun.
They say man’s theories cannot ever be flawed,
Yet sunspots and sun cycles are completely ignored.
Then think for how long we’ve recorded our weather,
It’s a pin prick in time, but we think we’re so clever.

Claiming to understand climate and what causes the changes,
But ignoring the fact that’s it’s changed through the ages,
Long before man arrived with his cars and machinery,
And when CO2 gas just created the greenery.
Yet we continue to believe, we just cannot let go,
That man now knows everything there is to know.

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© Will Scribe 2015

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