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How do you explain away an 18 year plus pause in the rise of temperatures as predicted by climate models – deny it happened. Now who are the “deniers”?

No warming pause?
Now there’s a surprise!
Paris must be coming,
So bring on the lies.
The weather recorded
Doesn’t fit with the plan;
Adjust temperature records,
Keep blaming man.

Will Scribe Global Warming Pause

Source: Climate Depot

If people aren’t frightened
The plan won’t succeed,
Climate history re-written
To create the story they need;
Warmists’ mumbo jumbo
To keep us confused;
No inconvenient truths
Just real science abused.

It’s the Paris agenda,
Normal weather’s no more,
Unprecedented and worst ever,
Watch the scare stories soar;
With factual inaccuracies
The politicians are plying,
As the real world observations
They keep on denying.

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© Will Scribe 2015

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“By an unproven hypothesis,
We’ve been taken in;
Consensus and settled,
Are so much political spin.
The misinformed tricked
Into so easily believing;
Fear and ignorance, it seems,
Are so good at deceiving…..”

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