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Some nursery rhymes are funny, some are dark, America’s foreign policy is both of these.

Is that America’s aim?
Perpetual war,
Is that the new name of the game?
The armaments industry
Camped in the halls of power,
Procurement, procurement,
Hour after hour.

Will Scribe Humpty Dumpty 01Conflict for conflicts sake,
That’s how it seems,
Killing young soldiers
And their families dreams;
Nests being feathered
As the innocents die,
Collateral damage,
As we let the bombs fly.

A foreign policy
With no guidance at all,
Like humpty dumpty
It’s just waiting to fall,
Then all the president’s resources,
All the president’s men,
Won’t be able to put the US
Back together again!

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© Will Scribe 2015

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Well Done America!

“If you wanted to create chaos
You sure have succeeded,
Conflicts and war
Where no fight was needed;
Making up your foreign policy
As you go along,
And you will never concede
That you could ever be wrong…..”

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Oh America! – No Longer So Free

“Oh America! Oh America! What have you done?
By your government, not by terrorists, you’ve been overrun.
Like Roman emperors your presidents are now holding sway,
Overriding your Constitution, if it gets in their way…..”

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“It’s a story of our apathy,
That I watch unfold,
I’ll write it in rhyme,
That’s how my stories are told;
It’s a story of how
We succumb to pretence,
And how fear and ignorance
Defeats common sense…..”

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