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A pseudo-scientific first,
The “Sustainability Law”
Remember the equation:
Agenda 21 equals 1984

Create a new world order,
The mighty UN decrees,
The enforcement of Agenda 21
Using environmental Nazis.
‘Sustainability’ the disguise
Of the UN jack boot;
Have we all been practicing
Our Heil UN! salute?

Will Scribe Environmental Nazi 01Environmental Nazi’s
Emulating Hitler’s brown shirted crew,
Extermination of the world’s poor
Is what they’re planning to do,
But not in gas chambers
Will they condemn them to die,
Just simply deny them access
To a cheap energy supply.

So instead of brown shirts
Will we now all wear green?
Will the flag of UN
Be the only flag seen?
Will we march in columns,
And have book burning fires,
Destroying historical records
Treasured by the “Deniers”?

 Then will “D” for Denier
Be used to signify
That you’ve dangerous free opinions,
That you still won’t comply?
A “D” daubed on your house,
A “D” badge on your coat,
No employment available,
Not allowed to vote.

Will the Deniers in camps
Be incarcerated,
Where they can be vilified,
Silenced and berated?
Will holding free opinions
Be an unforgivable crime?
Will we be taken back
To a more terrible time?

And just like before
Will we realise too late,
That through ignorance and apathy
We’ve risked our free state?
We need to understand
Our liberty is under attack,
And the world will succumb
If we don’t fight back!

Will Scribe Image 11 Frame 01All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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