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You are all welcome to come and meet my friend The Welfare State…

I’m a great mate of the welfare state,
The greens and the lefties adore me;
I’m not really a shirk, it’s just I don’t like to work,
Like my father and grandfather before me.

Will Scribe Welfare State 02Why should I toil and the capitalists’ wheels oil,
When I can just lie in bed?
Food on the table, got Sky TV and cable,
And a free roof over my head.

I’ve tried employment, but where’s the enjoyment,
Of working hard for a living?
Being out all day and earning less pay
Than the state are happily giving.

My neighbours, the fools, follow the rules,
In hard work they can’t stop believing;
No time to relax and they have to pay tax;
(It’s their tax money that I am receiving).

My house is the same, it is such a shame
That they’re unable to see the light;
Their freedom it robs by having those jobs;
They vote Tory, so it just serves them right!

One highlight in my life is to cause trouble and strife,
And to join in on a demonstration;
I scream and shout, want the government out,
Demanding a much fairer nation.

Now just off to the pub, I can stop for some grub,
At one of those fancy food banks;
If I say that I’m poor I always get more,
So to all of you giving, a big thanks.

Will Scribe Image 11 Frame 01All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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