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There are two types of drug addiction, the one based on “street corner” drugs and the other on legally prescribed drugs, both preying on our weaknesses.

Just bought a pill divider,
Those things that are used
When you take so many pills,
Stops you getting confused;
Never used to have
Any pills to swallow,
Now a regime of pill taking
I have to follow.

Will Scribe Big Pharma 01It all started one day,
I was not feeling quite right,
Wife said “go see the doctor”,
I said I just might.
The doctor wouldn’t let me finish
My symptoms description,
He was already writing
Some tablet prescription.

Asked the doctor did he know
What was making me ill,
Said he wasn’t sure,
So he was prescribing a pill.
Said that I should be feeling
Much better soon,
These modern medications
Are such a great boon.

Also while I was there
He said I was looking quite fat,
So he wrote a prescription
For a pill to help that;
“Just keep taking the pills
There’s no need to worry.
Send the next patient in,
I’m in a bit of a hurry.”

So off to the chemist,
There was quite a queue,
All holding prescriptions,
Some had quite a few.
The shelves stacked high
With medications galore,
Pills, potions and lotions
From ceiling to floor.

Been taking my pills
For a few days now,
Got into the habit,
It’s so easy how;
But the side effects
Are making me feel so rotten,
My original ailment
I’ve completely forgotten.

So I read the pills’ notes,
There for my perusal,
Seems that my side effects
Are not that unusual;
In fact its seems
That I‘ve got off quite light,
Some of the side effects
Gave me quite a fright!

Back to the docs,
More pills he prescribed,
To deal with the side effects
That I’d described.
Taking pills to cure
The problems created
By the first lot of pills,
No reasons debated.

So I’m a pill popper now,
Just one of the crowd;
Boosting big pharma’s profits
It makes me so proud.
And if my pills have side effects
No worry, I just have to wait
For another pill to counteract them,
Isn’t that great?

Of course the pills never cure you,
It’s just the symptoms they mask;
Curing what ails you
Is not big pharma’s task.
If the pills were to cure you,
And your illness were to stop ,
Think of the drug companies,
How their profits would drop.

Will Scribe Image 11 Frame 01All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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