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“Every time I let the government make a choice for me, I give up a little more of my freedom. I become more dependent and reliant on government to manage my life. I am right where the Socialists want me to be – perpetually dependent on them.” -J.D. Pendry

Being controlled by the government,
Letting them pull my strings,
Is not on the list
Of my favourite things;
Having my privacy invaded,
My free speech corrected,
Must comply with their narrative
Or I’ll be suspected.

Will Scribe We the People 01Government suppressing opinion
And freedom of thought,
In what school of democracy
Was that ever taught?
A people of the government
Is what we’re becoming,
A government of the people
Now not in the running.

Being politically correct
Is our children’s foundation,
Being schooled what to think,
That’s not real education;
Don’t refer back to history,
Makes it easier to lie,
Keep them controlled and confused
So they won’t ask why.

The global warming scam
We can no longer debate,
And to Agenda 21
We have surrendered our fate;
And the real threat from Islam
We mustn’t discuss,
The elephant in the room,
Right in front of us.

An Orwellian future
Brought on by apathy,
Our government not controlled
In the way it should be;
Our children indoctrinated
In the government’s way of thinking,
The foundations of our liberty
Into the mire slowly sinking.

Will Scribe Image 11 Frame 01All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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