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The climate industry is now a huge business and has brought significant financial benefits to all those concerned, not least climate scientists. Is that why they feel so threatened by deniers? 

With every turn of their blade another subsidy paid,
A disguised redistribution of wealth;
The poor pay higher amounts to fund “green” bank accounts,
Enrichment through environmental stealth.

Will Scribe Enrichment Through Environmental Stealth 02

As they keep us afraid fortunes are being made,
In the name of saving our earth;
From climate scientists to Al Gore now all earning much more;
Alarmism increasing net worth.

So don’t be fooled into thinking, by any benefit that they’re linking,
That the planet is their real concern;
Who’s going to want to deny, or admit to the lie,
And risk the amount that they earn?

The poor must be kept poor, environmentalist’s first law,
It’s what they get their film stars to preach;
(Hypocrisy reaches a new high, as in private jets they then fly
To their yachts, moored down by the beach!)

How many millions daily cry “We have no energy supply”?
But the politicians do they give a damn?
By Agenda 21 they are ruled and we’re all being fooled
By the world’s most incredulous scam.

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