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Why is that when it comes to climate “science” that the established scientific method is simply abandoned?

I remain in defiance of climate science,
The false conclusions that have come to the fore,
It is such a disgrace, the lies we now face,
The scientific principals we choose to ignore.

Will Scribe Obama and Gore 01 Wedding frameTemperature rises faltered, so the data was altered,
The pseudo-scientists must protect their illusion,
Their political masters demand warming disasters,
Misinformation abounds in profusion.

More false claims being made just to keep us afraid,
And dare question you become a denier;
A shocking display to use fear in this way,
But remember that fear is a liar!

Scepticism’s at the core of real scientific law,
The need to challenge what we think we know;
With what they enthrall there’s no real science at all,
Just politicians promoting mumbo-jumbo.

A “consensus”, how absurd, that’s no scientific word,
And “settled”, the one thing science is never.
Our ignorance being used, and science being abused,
By politicians in their dishonest endeavour.

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© Will Scribe 2015

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