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An all-expenses paid trip to Paris, how bad is that? Mind you, you will have to put up with rooms full of pseudo-scientists and ill-informed politicians spouting mumbo-jumbo, but if it means keeping the grant money flowing……

I see now in Paris, to stop the climate from changing,
The politicians another jamboree are arranging.
Plenty of delegates our governments I’m sure they’ll be sending;
Loads of taxpayer’s money I’m sure they’ll be spending.

Will Scribe Paris Climate Jamboree 01 with frameThe mysteries of climate they’ll pretend to unravel;
(Loads of CO2 emissions as the free-loaders travel)
Mother Nature’s secrets the politicians won’t find,
There’s no chance of success as the blind leading the blind.

But as the delegates meet, it must be understood,
That the global warming myth is their livelihood.
They need to keep funding all those huge salaries,
And if the truth gets out, well, that funding would freeze!

You’ll see them get more desperate, make even wilder claims,
They must keep us all frightened; it’s at the top of their aims.
But the ship they are sailing is now clearly sinking,
As we stop being afraid and together start thinking.

Will Scribe Image 11 Frame 01All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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