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UKIP is the party the others all fear
Let’s brand them as racist; it’s the media’s idea.

So let’s get it over with,
Get it out of the way,
UKIP must be racist,
It’s what the media all say,
And they wouldn’t invent stories?
It’s not what they do;
So whatever the media says,
Well, it just must be true?

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To vote for a party
That’s not politically correct,
And expresses freedom of thought,
All sounds very suspect;
Not to comply
With what we’re told we must think,
And to vote for a man
Who likes a chat and a drink?

To vote for a man
Who has worked for a living,
That’s too much of a step,
It’s the cause of misgiving.
To set that as a precedent,
It just wouldn’t be right,
No wonder the party leaders
Have had such a fright.

So how do they make the man
Just disappear?
He speaks for so many,
That’s becoming quite clear,
And the elite are so terrified
How can they resist?
So they give him a label,
And call him racist.

By calling him a racist
The media think it’s demeaning,
But the misuse of that word
Has debased all of its meaning,
It’s being chucked about now,
Just like confetti at a wedding,
To create fear out of ignorance
And the ignorance is spreading.

He has questioned immigration,
He is genuinely concerned,
Is that why he’s called racist?
How the label was earned?
If so we should be ashamed
Of how we’re so affected;
To let our freedom of speech
Become so politically corrected.

To make some subjects taboo
Because liberals say that we must;
Killing the democratic process
That once we could trust.
UKIP says what it stands for;
The other parties? Who knows?
Their policies change daily,
Depends on how the wind blows!

By the pollsters soundings
LibLabCon are directed,
It’s no wonder that their voters
Have become disaffected.
UKIP says what it stands for
Its policies are consistent,
They don’t bow to the media,
They’re name calling resistant.

A vote for UKIP
Is a vote for free speech,
Is a vote for our traditions,
Before they slip out of reach;
It’s a vote for change,
Of restoring our values;
It’s a vote for our culture,
It’s the party to choose.

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© Will Scribe 2015

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