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It’s election time again and the same tired old choices… well maybe not?

My VoteI’ve always voted Tory,
Was there really any choice?
Labour destroys the economy,
A tired old socialist voice;
Labour and economics?
It is a lethal mix,
And the mess that they create
The Tories have to fix.

And voting for the Liberals?
Well, that could be much worse,
Their vision for Great Britain?
To me seems quite perverse.
Are they green or red,
Or something in between?
And Nic Clegg, a wetter sponge,
Have you ever seen?

The three traditional parties
Now head for the middle ground,
Campaigning there in no-man’s land,
New voters to be found.
Same old, same old, same old?
Well maybe not anymore,
Two other parties are now vying
To come to out to the fore.

The Greens are like old communists,
Perhaps not painted quite so red;
A form of environmental socialism
Has messed with their head.
They’re gullible and naïve,
And they lack experience too,
Look green up in the dictionary,
You’ll see that it’s true!

That brings us then to UKIP,
Can they bring us all salvation?
Can they restore our culture,
Put the pride back in the nation?
Promising to leave the EU,
European federalism’s a mistake;
And immigration being restricted
To the numbers we can take.

A challenge to the status quo,
As they keep on stirring the pot,
Exposing political complacency,
Apathetic they are not.
They talk such common sense,
Something now so rarely heard,
So the media calls them racist,
It’s their favourite word.

So who to vote for then
On the general election day?
(Please do remember to vote
You must always have your say)
An obvious choice, I think,
Well it seems quite obvious to me,
You need to vote for the party
With the most British policy.

cropped-will-scribe-image-11.jpgAll Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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