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Science used to be the domain of scientists, but not any longer….

Have we got you really frightened?
Are you suitably afraid?
Or do you need more climate threats
To add to those we have made?

Will Scribe Fear is a Liar 01We are new world politicians,
Self-appointed science masters,
Conjuring up our false predictions,
Inventing fresh disasters.

You are not allowed to question
How we say that you must live;
Your free speech is only free,
If it follows our narrative.

Real world observations
Are not your concern,
We invent the truth for you,
There’s nothing else to learn.

So just follow Agenda 21,
It’s our World governance plan,
And repeat after us:
“Climate is changed by man”

Now be good little citizens,
Follow the rules that we say;
Our climate propaganda
Is not going away!

Will Scribe Image 11 Frame 01All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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“False predictions about climate,
False predictions galore;
False predictions about the weather
That we have in store.
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The predictions we’re given,
By some irrational fear
We seem to be driven…..”

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“Why can’t climate science
Just be about science?
Why is it that politicians
Demand our compliance?
Why do the media
Push out propaganda?
What are the agendas,
Their hidden memoranda?…”

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