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Should we try to stop young woman going to fight for ISIS or just stop them coming back?

Where are you going my pretty young maid?
“I’m off to join ISIS and I’m not afraid;
I’ll join my fellow Muslims and fight the Jihad,
Killing the infidels because I know they are bad”

Will Scribe Muslim Woman

But Islam is peaceful, isn’t that what you were taught?
“It will be once the Jihad is fought,
Until that time I must go and must kill,
My imam told me that that is God’s will”

“He reads from the Koran, preaching every day
That all non-believers it’s my duty to slay,
He says non-believers must all be despised;
I’m indoctrinated now, fully radicalised”

But will they give you a gun, teach you to fight?
Or will a young woman be too tempting a sight?
So perhaps, pretty maiden, you should think this one through
As to why the ISIS fighters really want you!

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