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Coalition forces fighting in Afghanistan have now conceded that they were “being used” to settle old scores by killing alleged Taliban fighters who were not Taliban at all. Perhaps we just need to scale this up. America won’t be the first military power to be used and rewarded for fighting another countries battles.

No preconceived ideas,
Let your mind roam free;
Now let’s take a look
At America’s foreign policy.
Is America being used
Just for her military might,
Employed by those
With no armies to fight?

It was not unusual,
If your history you’ve read,
To employ a foreign army
To do your fighting instead,
If you were cunning enough
You could often persuade them
To attack your enemies
And their countries invade them.

Will Scribe American Foreign Policy Altered Up

So is that what America
Has now become,
Not the world’s policeman,
Just the ultimate hired gun?
A mercenary army
Promised loot and plunder,
From the countries into which
Its armies thunder?

It would explain why
There’s never a plan,
Of what happens next
When the enemy’s overran;
Instead with the new rulers
There are the usual discourses,
About America’s share
Of the natural resources.

And the awarding of contracts
For the reconstruction
Of the infrastructure wrecked
By America”s destruction.
It’s a good business model
If you ask me,
Which America seems to follow
Quite assiduously.

Regimes seducing America
With such consummate ease,
Using America’s might
To destroy old enemies.
So America’s foreign policy
Perhaps now has become,
“Gun for hire, gun for hire,
We’ll make your enemies run”?

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