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So who is Johnny? One of many I fear. Perhaps we need a Stop Johnny! campaign, perhaps it’s too late?

Johnny is a hacker,
Working secretly undercover,
On a classified government project
With the codename of “Big Brother”.

Will Scribe Hacker 2Johnny is a hacker,
‘Been doing it for a while;
Covertly collecting data,
Held in a government file.

Johnny is a hacker,
Employed by the NSA,
Reading through your private stuff,
That’s how he earns his pay.

Johnny is a hacker,
Tracks your GPS,
Follows you wherever you go,
Keeps a record of each address.

Johnny is a hacker,
Listening into your conversations,
Infringing every constitutional right,
Government sponsored violations.

Johnny is a hacker,
Accesses your bank accounts,
Ensuring you’re not spending
More than your usual amounts.

Johnny is a hacker,
Spies on your kids at school,
Makes sure they’re only being taught
In accordance with government rule.

Johnny is a hacker,
Just another government spy,
Watching everything we do,
Shouldn’t we be asking why?

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© Will Scribe 2015

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