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A population blinded by pseudo science; all hail the one eyed politician!

Why can’t climate science
Just be about science?
Why is it that politicians
Demand our compliance?
Why do the media
Push out propaganda?
What are the agendas,
Their hidden memoranda?

Will Scribe Blind Population

Could it be money
That drives the agenda?
Climate science now
Is such a big spender;
Millions a day
Earned by those who research,
Made wealthy and corrupt,
As climate science they besmirch.

Temperature records,
How is temperature measured?
Not using the principals
That should always be treasured.
The temperatures required?
Politically dictated;
The halls of good science
By charlatans infiltrated.

Computer models
Cannot possibly predict,
The physics not sorted
To allow that edict;
But that is ignored,
You could say it’s denied,
(Isn’t that the term used
If you haven’t complied?)

“Consensus” and “settled”
Are political phrases,
To relate them to science
Confuses and amazes.
We’re unable to see,
It’s a dangerous thing;
The population are blind,
The one eyed politician is king.

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All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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