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“To know that you don’t know is best.
To pretend to know what you do not know is a disease.”

Ignorance and arrogance,
Obama at his best,
Promoting global warming,
His hubris put to the test;
Ranting from his pulpit,
With his Marxist overtone,
His fearful, frightening prophecies
Are completely overblown.

Will Scribe StupidityPseudo-science and socialism,
Obama and his tricks;
Combining fear and ignorance,
It’s such a potent mix.
A big enough lie told often enough,
How many are being deceived?
And his incredulous rants on climate,
By how many are being believed?

Although there is no evidence,
Obama doesn’t seem to care;
More EPA restrictions
Are what we’ll have to bear;
The science can never be discussed,
Obama won’t tolerate doubt;
But free and open discussion
Is what real science is all about!

‘Consensus’ and ‘settled’ as we know
Are terms of a pseudo-science,
Yet Obama expounds these terms
To demand from us compliance.
By means of simple research you’ll find
Scientific laws have yet to be sorted
To enable computer model projections,
Like the ones that are being reported.

Temperature rises are not rises at all,
A fact Obama keeps well hidden;
Not in support of his climate agenda,
So raw data is being overridden.
Obama is clearly on a mission,
Won’t let the facts get in his way;
And if it means debasing science,
That’s the price we’ll have to pay.

Obama sits in the White House,
Counting out piles of green money;
Paying his pseudo-scientific friends,
(For real scientists that isn’t so funny).
Grants and subsidies thrown around,
A whole industry has been created,
And it’s all based upon an hypothesis,
Which politicians have confabulated.

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All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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