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Reality versus political correctness; in today’s world an uneven battle, reality is the underdog.  Time we all supported the underdog for a change…

Politicians and media keep us politically corrected,
Any warnings about Islam must not be detected;
They say the majority of Muslims are quiet, law abiding,
But it’s behind the majority that the problem is hiding.

Will Scribe Silence

The majority of Germans did not support
The extremist ways that the Nazi’s taught;
Yet the world all suffered to the same extent,
The peaceful German majority were irrelevant.

In Russia, China and Japan, just look at the toll,
Millions upon millions killed by those in control.
A minority were able their extreme ways to enforce,
The peaceful majority could not alter their course.

So is it the same with Islam today?
Are the majority of Muslims having a say?
They claim to be peaceful, but do they really matter?
It’s the extremist minority that the world’s peace will shatter.

93 per cent not radicalised, that leaves 7 per cent
Who want to kill infidels, their declared intent.
That’s 110 million extremists, quite a lot I’d say,
Nearly twice the population of the UK.

Think what 110 million extremists could eventually do,
If to bring down the Twin Towers took only so few;
And the 2 extremists in Paris, at Charlie Hebdo?
The mayhem they caused, it was quite a show.

While we argue about details, like the veil and Sharia,
It’s the elephant in the room that we really should fear;
Ask the people of Lebanon, they’re the real authority
Of what can happen when Muslims become the majority.

Muslims were made welcome, in the same way that we do,
Such really good neighbours, joined the government too;
But their numbers kept growing, as they continued to breed,
And the rest is a history lesson you really should read.

History repeats itself, isn’t that what they say?
And looking back in time it sure seems that way;
But we mustn’t look back; political correctness make us all blind,
Yet it’s there in our history books that the answers we’ll find.

 So let’s all turn a blind eye, it’s what we do best,
Let our apathy and political correctness just do the rest;
But if against Islamic extremism we don’t find a buffer,
Our children and their children will be the ones who will suffer.

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All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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