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Shares in arms manufacturers are always a good hedge against any downturn in the economy. Buy now, as we always bomb later. It’s the democratic way!

The bombs are loaded,
The pilots are waiting;
They need a new target,
It’s getting frustrating.
Trained and motivated,
Just waiting to go
To wreak havoc and destruction,
When our government says so.

Will Scribe Bombs Are LoadedThe bombs are loaded,
We need to let those bombs fly;
If we don’t like what’s happening,
Then some people must die.
It’s justice from above,
It’s what we deliver
Onto women and children,
Hear them cry, watch them shiver.

The bombs are loaded,
Since ’45 what’s the score?
Bombed over 25 countries,
Still we need to bomb more!
Raining down death,
The only way to find peace;
If they adopt our democracy,
Then the bombing will cease.

The bombs are loaded,
Countless thousands they’ve killed;
It’s the American way,
It makes us fulfilled.
And our might’s never abused
To serve our own ends;
That’s why ‘round the world,
We have so many friends.

The bombs are loaded,
The fuses are primed
To explode on impact,
So perfectly timed.
Riding to the rescue,
See our planes in the skies;
Only doing what’s right,
‘Cause we’re the good guys!

Will Scribe Image 11 Frame 01All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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