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 Has the slippery slope just got steeper?

Corruption is not just about money and greed,
You can be corrupt in your thought, corrupt in your deed;
And what we’ve just seen in our Parliament
Is corruption being taken to its furthest extent.

Will Scribe SONA 2015

The State of the Nation, so what is its state?
And Madiba’s rainbow nation, was is its fate?
A dysfunctional president who strives only for power;
Cometh the man, is it now cometh the hour?

Was Madiba watching as the ANC rolled into town?
Was he watching as the ANC let his country down?
Was he shocked as they just pushed aside the constitution?
And tried to kill freedom of speech as an expedient solution?

Would he have understood the lack of respect on display?
Would Madiba have ever been treated that way?
He earned the respect that Zuma’s ANC never will,
Filling the shoes that Zuma can never hope to fill.

Why was the parliamentary session not simply suspended?
Instead, in front of the world, elected MP’s were upended,
Thrown out of the chamber on the ANC’s instruction,
A clear demonstration of parliamentary corruption.

Zimbabwe, they say, could never happen here,
After the SONA debacle, I think, the day could be near
When protecting the president is our government’s chief aim;
If you look across Africa, the story’s the same.

The big man syndrome, Zuma may just mark its arrival,
For the South Africa we know it could be a fight for survival,
An untouchable president, residing at his Nklanda homestead,
The power of his position having gone to his head.

Accountable to nobody, no need to account for his actions,
Supported by his lackeys and their corrupt factions,
And taking taxpayers’ money, it’s his decision to plunder,
And to challenge him could be a life changing blunder.

But why should South Africa be different from the rest?
Why should it not fail in democracy’s test?
Madiba was an exception, kept the big man at bay,
But it was only a matter of time; could that time be today?

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© Will Scribe 2015

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