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 Perhaps the way forward to finding solutions to the Ukrainian problem lies with the Russians; perhaps it always did.

The US in discussion with its military team;
Whether to arm the Western-backed Kiev regime.
Well, if you start a revolution surely you must see it through?
So providing those arms must be the right thing to do.

Will Scribe Putin and ObamaIt’s pointless orchestrating a government’s overthrow,
If you haven’t worked out where next you should go.
All those failed interventions, is Ukraine now on the list?
Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya; are you getting the gist?

The Ukraine economy crumbles, as the money runs out,
Better off under Yanukovych, of that there’s no doubt.
The opposing factions the West, on the Maidan, brought together,
Are opposing factions once more, never actually birds of a feather.

Riots on the streets of Kiev, we never see them reported,
Mainstream media coverage, as usual, factually distorted,
But giving a balanced view has never been the media’s way,
The freedom of the press controlled as the government’s say.

We need to feel sorry for the people of the Ukraine,
They’re the ones who suffer most from “democracy’s” gain.
Going without, just so the West can have more,
Realisation growing of what the IMF has in store.

Underestimating the Russians may prove a fatal mistake,
Corrective action the West must now undertake.
They call Putin a thug, but he can out manoeuvre the West,
Russia will protect their interests, if they’re put to the test.

Poroshenko is not going to help to avoid the disaster.
His strings being pulled by his puppet master,
And Obama and his sidekicks are just flapping around;
In America’s foreign policy where’s the sense to be found?

The West is fooling itself, an illusion they’re creating,
If the Russians want Ukraine, it’s theirs for the taking.
And don’t think that the West would stand in Putin’s way;
He has all of the courage that the West fails to display.

But Washington seems fixated by own its rhetoric,
So they’d better arm the Ukranians, better do it real quick.
And while they’re about it, put some boots on the ground,
(Although plenty of the West’s boots can already be found).

Merkel and Hollande, off to Moscow, is their humanity showing?
Or is it the EU’s finance crisis? It keeps growing and growing;
The EU just hasn’t got the billions needed to pour down the drain,
And as Washington doesn’t join in, perhaps the answer is plain.

Sanctions fail to tame the great Russian beast,
While back in Kiev the oligarchs continue to feast,
And the Western corporations, greedily, wait in the wings,
To plunder the Ukraine’s riches, when the fat lady sings.

In Washington, Obama for more troops paves the way,
Safe and sound, tucked up warm in the White House each day;
While Ukranian lives are being destroyed by America’s fight;
I hope Victoria Nuland and her Neocons sleep well tonight.

Will Scribe Image 11 Frame 01All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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