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You know the joke…..
“What did South Africa use before candles? … Electricity!”
Well, maybe not so funny anymore!

Load shedding is back, as the lights go out,
And industry comes to a halt.
And who is to blame
For South Africa’s shame?
Jacob Zuma says its apartheid’s fault!

Will Scribe Zuma Cowboy HatThe economy will suffer another big blow,
For South Africans it’s looking grim.
A very serious situation
Now faces the nation;
Jacob Zuma says it’s not down to him!

Electricity is vital for South Africa’s growth,
On it the future is riding;
When the nation needs to face
This Eskom disgrace,
Where’s Jacob Zuma? He’s gone into hiding!

The rest of the world looks on, disbelieving,
Moody’s look at another downgrade.
The government’s dysfunctional,
The president is culpable;
Why is Jacob Zuma still being paid?

 The country takes no comfort that the lights will stay on
In the President’s Nklanda homestead.
It should seem arcane
That he won’t share the pain,
It’s time for Zuma to share more than his bed!

Will Scribe Image 11 Frame 01All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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