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Hide your eyes Liberty, don’t look what they’re doin’,
The American dream they are trying to ruin!

Oh America! Oh America! What have you done?
By your government, not by terrorists, you’ve been overrun.
Like Roman emperors your presidents are now holding sway,
Overriding your Constitution, if it gets in their way.

Will Scribe Statue of Liberty FramedA Constitution enacted for your citizens’ protection,
To stop government stealing freedom by using deception;
The right to bear arms, in case you need to fight back,
When your Constitutional rights are under attack.

Oh America! Oh America! The land of the free,
But now only if you have a good memory.
Your freedom you’re surrendering to government control;
Denying you your freedom is your government’s goal.

Remember the Nazis, the KGB, and Stasi too,
Gathering information, as your government agencies do?
To control their people, to keep them in line;
If they followed the narrative then they were just fine.

Free thought and opinion were not welcome there,
Totalitarian systems, built on a culture of fear.
People didn’t dare question what the party approved,
Or very likely they would end up being removed.

So tell me is America not going that way?
People now afraid of what they can say.
Not prepared to stand up for the principles taught,
And political correctness controls every thought.

American citizens can now be incarcerated;
Just taken off the streets, all rights negated;
No charges made, no appearance in court,
Is that the freedom for which your founders fought?

Oh America! Oh America! For your children’s sake,
Push back the tide, correct your mistake.
You must watch your government, not the other way round;
To get the old values back, a way needs to be found.

The lies just get bigger, they keep being repeated,
You’re not told the truth, you’re just being cheated.
What’s private to you your government wants to record,
It’s for national security, but that claim is a fraud.

It’s the American dream that you are forsaking
If you continue along the path that you are taking.
Your Constitution will crumble, America will fall;
But the people can stop this, it’s really your call!

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All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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