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If we think that wind turbines are not cost effective now, wait until they have to be replaced. The only thing green about this technology is the colour of the money (our money) being spent on subsidies.

If 20 years is a wind turbine’s life span,
What happens then? Is there a plan?
Thousands of turbines will then need replacing,
A new energy crisis we will be facing.

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And what if by then we are fed up with the scam,
And green energy costs are just bankrupting man,
And man-made climate change and global warming
Are distant propaganda, we’re no longer conforming?

What happens then to these follies of science,
Built in an age of ignorance and compliance?
Scrap metal merchants should be doing quite well,
Grants surely available, so their profits will swell.

14,000 wind turbines in the America today,
No longer in use, just rotting away,
The failed energy companies in bankruptcy,
A legacy left behind for us all to see.

A blight on the landscape when they are turning,
Rusting hulks left behind, no more subsidies earning.
Will governments remove these towering monsters?
They were after all these monstrosities’ sponsors.

And environmental groups do not seem affected
By the damage to the land they so want protected,
As these rotting icons of their flawed green cause,
Disintegrate and contaminate mountains and moors.

Future generations must learn from the mistake,
And never again the word of politicians take,
When they try to persuade us to abandon logic and sense,
And use fear and ignorance to create a pretence!

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“With every turn of their blade another subsidy paid,
A disguised redistribution of wealth;
The poor pay higher amounts to fund “green” bank accounts,
Enrichment through environmental stealth…..”

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“Death to the birds! it’s the price we must pay,
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Wind turbines their beauty, we must all admire,
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