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The Story Continues…

The IMF starts to plan the austerity pain,
And the West starts to plan to loot the Ukraine,
The far right march with their banners held high,
To their incursion the West turns a blind eye.

Will Scribe Ukraine 1But wait there seems to be a fly in the ointment,
The Crimean people don’t like the self-anointment
Of an unelected government, sponsored by the West,
Believe that their interests by Russia served best.

Putin also knows the games that the West play,
And will not let the Crimea come under their sway;
He knows the people there have strong Russian ties,
And are not easily fooled by those Washington’s lies.

Self-determination the West say, people must have a voice,
But now apparently only if it’s by Washington’s choice;
So as a referendum in the Crimea was being planned,
The West said it’s illegal, must be stopped, must be banned.

Putin says whatever, and the people have their free choice,
An overwhelming majority and the people rejoice
To be part of Russia, rather than share the EU vision,
Washington just can’t understand the people’s decision.

Surely everyone wants to be part of the West?
Their version of democracy has to be best,
And the IMF loans offer good value, ensure peace,
You only have to ask the people of Greece.

Obama and the EU now stamping their feet,
There will consequences for the Russians to meet;
Visa restrictions and some sanctions as well,
It’s got Russia worried, you really can tell.

Western threats just make the Russians unite,
Acting with speed, the West left out of sight,
A declaration has been signed, sealed and settled;
Crimea part of Russia, the West shouldn’t have meddled.

In his speech Putin made it really quite plain,
Russia will not be pushed around easily again;
Quoted the UN and US and said their hypocrisy
Was now in full view for the whole world to see.

So Putin leads and the West have to follow,
A bitter pill for Washington that they need to swallow;
With politicians running the show like Obama and Kerry,
America’s bad luck is quite extraordinary.

Now we must wait to see what happens next,
No doubt the US and EU will get ever so vexed;
But it’s still within Obama’s and Kerry’s range
To blame the whole Ukraine thing on climate change!

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© Will Scribe 2014-2015

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