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We are frightened by what we do not understand. Politicians have frightened us into believing that natural events, that have been occurring for billions of years, are no longer natural and are being caused by man. They used to blame it on witchcraft….  

When the climate was changing, many centuries ago,
How to explain it? Well, man just didn’t know;
Priests, the propaganda machine of that ancient time,
Said that that man must be guilty of some sort of crime.

Will Scribe Burning WitchesThey said it must be witchcraft, the priests all agreed,
“Burn the evil witches”, became the priests’ creed.
So innocent witches were burned at the stake,
Now we all know those priests’ claims were fake.

We can laugh at their ignorance, why were they so daft,
To be persuaded by priests to believe in witchcraft?
But today it’s no different, same crazy hysteria,
Priests being replaced by politicians and the media.

The days of burning witches have long since gone,
Now it’s grants and taxation and Agenda 21.
We don’t challenge this nonsense, we just chose to “believe”,
Just like our forefathers we’re still so naïve.

Man now controls climate, Mother Nature’s no more,
We’re ignorant and arrogant, right through to our core.
Yes, we actually believe it; yes, we’re truly that daft,
Man-made global warming, 21st century witchcraft.

How can this happen, this gross exaggeration?
Why aren’t we using our supposed education?
Climate history being denied, but not by any “denier”,
For climate history will extinguish the “man-made” fire.

 The time has come for this witchcraft to end;
A much clearer message we now need to send,
We’re completely fed up with the enforced situation,
Of mumbo-jumbo science and media manipulation!

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