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Once again the West jumps in without really understanding what it is doing and with no end game plan, other than to “annex” the Ukraine. The Ukraine thinks the EU/IMF will simply pay off their debts, but they will have a high price to pay for that. The UK  will, of course,  pay its fair share from of its abundant surplus wealth!  Oh! did I forget to mention the Russian gas supply…?  

Wisdom comes with age, but that’s not always the case,
Perhaps the old sayings we should sometimes embrace.
In the Ukraine as the West is losing the thread,
Is it fools rushing in where angels fear to tread?

Will Scribe Ukraine 1

The US and EU decide they want to go shopping,
And into their basket the Ukraine they are dropping;
A country on its knees, so they should get it cheap,
But maybe not so, the price could be steep.

Months of protests required some escalating,
Agents provocateurs needed to be infiltrating.
The far right parties happy to come to their aid,
Their acts of violence on the Maidan so clearly displayed.

Snipers then employed, killing police and demonstrators,
Working for the government, or for the far right’s agitators?
(Leaked telephone conversations now seem to indicate
The snipers were not employed by any member of state).

The West holds up its hands with indignation,
Condemning the government of this sovereign nation.
Welcomes the uprising, but ensures the media only report,
The side of the conflict that the West wants to support.

Government overthrown, by the people it’s claimed,
A new government in place, many oligarchs named,
Now the Ukraine’s far right, which the West openly deplored,
Controls the country’s security, a fact conveniently ignored.

In their rush to annex Ukraine and add them to the list,
There is one crucial fact that they seem to have missed,
To the East lies Russia, that great sleeping Bear,
And they’ve woken it up, so that they’d better beware.

The Crimea is home to Russia’s Black Sea Fleet,
Also to Russian speakers there’s an obligation to meet.
Russia is not going allow the Crimea by NATO to be taken,
If the West thought that then they’re sorely mistaken.

Clearer thought was needed before the great Bear was baited,
In jumping in with both feet another crisis created.
Remember much of the energy the EU is consuming,
Still comes from Russia, could be a big problem looming!

The Russians are tough, for their country they care,
Look at Moscow, no more mosque building there,
Proud to be Russian, proud of their name,
How many of us can still say the same?

The mind of a Russian is not so easy to sway,
Political correctness, they’ve kept it at bay,
Putin’s one step ahead and so he’ll remain;
He knows all about the people of the Ukraine.

While Putin has control the West just has bluster,
Shouts of dismay is all they can muster.
Obama and the EU, socialist reformers at best,
Now have their resolve sorely put to the test.

The EU, as expected, is all bark and no bite,
It has no army with which it can fight;
And Obama has no courage to face up to the Bear,
A socialist president, so no resolve there.

The UK, of course, thinks it must get involved,
A problem they helped create now needs to be solved;
But why does the UK need to get itself all concerned?
After the Iraq disaster were no lessons learned?

And so with interest we’ll all wait and see
If the West have created another tragedy;
Or will Russia help them sort this problem out?
But Putin’s not for moving, of that there’s no doubt!

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© Will Scribe 2014-2015

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