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The appointed officials of the UN and EU now have, arguably, more real influence over major policy decisions affecting the UK than any elected House of Commons.   

The foundation of democracy is to give people a voice,
In deciding who rules over them, to give them a choice;
But that foundation is crumbling, slowly falling apart,
And to discover who now rules us is becoming an art.

Will Scribe Democracy 1The UN and EU, both cesspits of democratic flaws,
Appointees put in charge, now they make the laws,
Which we have to follow,without having a say,
How can that be democratic at the end of the day?

The UN is run by an appointed elite,
Who only have UN objectives to meet;
Those objectives become agendas that the UN pursue,
No democratic voting there for me or for you.

An intergovernmental panel by the UN created,
To create a hoax, so carefully orchestrated;
Scaremongering being used in an attempt to control
And deny poorer countries access to cheap coal.

Agenda 21 is a true Orwellian style policy,
To control the world through a green ideology,
A bizarre Marxist regime, not just being proposed,
It’s been put into place while all of us dozed.

Did YOU vote for this Agenda? I’d like to know.
Was there a democratic vote to say yes or say no?
While a worldwide referendum may sound quite absurd,
You should read Agenda 21, don’t just take my word.

When it comes to the EU, it’s just more of the same,
Ruled by Eurocrats, none of which we can name.
These appointed commissars, who say they know best,
Won’t allow democracy to be put to the test.

Deciding in Brussels what is the best for the UK,
Elected MP’s having such a small say.
So does your vote count? Well maybe not any more,
We can lay the blame squarely at apathy’s door.

Vile political correctness, that disease of our times,
Tries to silence us so we won’t point out the crimes,
As NGO’s proliferate, appointed not elected,
Making sure that the minorities are being protected.

While the silent majority are just pushed to one side,
Indoctrinated by PC they’re just forced to abide,
We’ll all have to wait for the pendulum to swing,
And a return to the balance real freedom can bring.

But as the new world order comes into play,
Then for you and I there’ll be less and less say,
As those in the future who’ll shape our direction,
Will be appointed, not elected by a democratic selection.

Will Scribe Image 11 Frame 01All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2014-2015

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