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Sometimes we associate free thinking with liberals and socialists, I wonder why that is? 

We’ve been lead to believe through each generation,
That liberals are free thinkers, will offer salvation
From the “tyranny” being imposed by those on the right,
And together with socialists they’ll put matters right.

Will Scribe Freethinkers 1

But perhaps look more closely and it will be found,
That in fact it is actually the other way around;
Liberals and socialists confined by a doctrine so tight,
Are the real free liberal thinkers those on the right?

Why do liberals want to control our freedom of speech?
Through political correctness such restrictions they preach;
You’re an ‘ist or a ‘phobic if you try free expression,
What’s free thinking about this type of repression?

What liberal socialism offers has been on offer before,
Dressed up to look different, but it’s just as hard-core;
Fixated by a system that’s been proved not to work,
Their ignorance of history a curious quirk.

Rationally retarded, a restricted thought process,
Ignorant of the “wrongs” that they try to redress;
Illiberal and when without an argument they’re caught,
To abusive name calling they often resort.

The man made climate hoax, the UN’s Agenda 21,
An attempt to use science to put the West on the run;
But when arguments against became clearly germane,
The term “denier” was invented to try to defame.

Environmental issues, so hard to discuss,
If you are found to be “not one of us”.
All calm and rational, but should you disagree,
Their intolerant attitude will be so plain to see.

The world has always been such a curious place,
With technology it now moves at a much faster pace;
History shows the errors previous generations performed,
We have more information, but we’re not better informed!

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