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Follow the instructions below and hopefully it will start you on the road to asking the right questions!

Take your calculator out of the drawer,
Now enter this number, point zero four;
Now multiply this number by five percent,
That’s how much man’s CO2 emissions represent!

Will Scribe Climate NumbersPoint zero, zero, two percent of the atmosphere;
That’s the basis behind the whole climate scare!
Take a seat and start to think about it,
This changes the climate? I very much doubt it.

Ninety five percent of CO2 emissions from natural sources,
So why aren’t our children told this on their courses?
More information, which they choose to disguise,
Is that CO2 increases AFTER temperatures rise.

It’s time to push pre-1970 weather amnesia aside,
Look at the climate records that in plenty abide;
From Roman times forward, there is quite a store,
Climate will keep changing as it always has before.

Stop being afraid and just apply common sense,
And you’ll soon realise it’s been one big pretence.
Perhaps now the time to start questioning why,
The world has been fed such an obvious lie.

Money for certain has been at the root,
Energy control is also in there to boot;
Agenda 21, the UN world governance plan,
Instructs politicians to blame changes on man.

It’s time to move on and put this scam behind us,
The taxes will stay and they should remind us,
That in future, before to such foolery we agree,
We should stop and think and examine history.

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