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The exceptional amount of rainfall in parts of the UK has brought flooding and misery to many people. Although Mother Nature has been the main culprit the actions and inactions of man have played a major role. 

We’ve had floods before and now we have them once more,
Disrupting life as only floods can.
If we had our thoughts together we would know it’s just weather,
Though some try to blame weather on man.

A banner asking for a return to dredging

In recent history, those dreadful days in ’53,
Winter storms and a surge of the tide.
Those storms also caused such strife, such a huge loss of life;
Over three hundred people then died.

In some ways they are right and man does add to the plight,
Increasing the amount of the flooding.
Not the climate he’s changing, it’s water courses he’s rearranging,
Natural water run-offs mindlessly plugging.

The Environmental Agency has neglected to keep rivers inspected,
Claiming funding has been taken away.
Now clear for all to see it’s a false economy,
Some have such a high price to pay.

If we build on a flood plain then, when we get so much rain,
There’s a chance we will be inundated;
The more concrete we pour, the more trouble we store,
Natural events will be exaggerated.

It’s a domino effect, as the water can’t detect,
Which way it now has to flow.
Often many miles away, from where a barrier is in play,
Is where the flood waters grow.

Flood water bedevils the Somerset Levels,
After the dredging had been curtailed.
Environmentalists interfere, not understanding, that’s clear,
Not the first time green ideals have prevailed.

A bird sanctuary built, the rivers left to silt,
Now the local people face the consequences.
Environmentalists on a mission, they won’t show their contrition,
For the loss of the flood defences.

Wellington boots bought by the score, as politicians pour
Into areas that have been inundated.
The media desperate for a name, where they can lay blame,
Their blood lust being perpetuated.

If only the politicians would confess it’s all a bloody mess,
They should take a fair share of the blame.
Years of mismanagement, millions of pounds being misspent,
But you won’t find a head hung in shame.

All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2014

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