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Our apathy is breeding, it seems to just grow and grow,
As the line drawn by the EU we continue to toe.

The commissars based in Brussels, where the EU rules,
Say the British are not competent, should be treated as fools;
They view a democratic referendum with absolute derision,
Saying we’re not clever enough, may make the ‘wrong’ decision.

Will Scribe EU Not DemocraticWe seem like rabbits caught in a car headlamp’s beam,
Letting our fate be decided by a foreign based team,
Who wield more power than our elected Prime Minister,
Even to us nodding dogs, that should seem rather sinister.

In the same way that oil and water don’t mix,
The EU and democracy are in the same fix.
A socialist European Republic they’re determined to create,
And any opposition they meet they’ll try to negate.

With the dictates of Brussels we’re so eager to agree,
We appear traumatised by our own apathy,
National freedom’s a threat which Brussels try to nullify,
Our politicians just sit and watch, we need to ask why.

Don’t be patronised by reassurances that our politicians proffer,
They’re looking towards Brussels and the plum jobs on offer.
“Peace for our time” remember Neville Chamberlain once said?
We don’t need appeasing ways, we need our courage instead.

Some try to persuade us we should be independent no more,
But a satellite state is not what our fathers fought for,
Their scaremongering tactics should make them ashamed,
The economic issues are not as they’re being claimed.

Who rules over us, shouldn’t we be able to choose?
We have a democratic vote, and it’s still ours to use;
We must fight for our freedom, the right to have our own say,
We mustn’t let Brussels’ commissars take that freedom away!

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