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A selection of my climate limericks and rhymes.

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On nature’s laws there’s no longer reliance,
“Man-made” now demands our compliance;
Is it an ideology?
Or maybe theology?
For certain we know it’s not science!


Will Scribe Climate Numbers

Political scientists have engineered confusion;
From an hypothesis they created illusion,
Man controls weather?
We just ain’t that clever;
Still we pay them their grants in profusion.

Will Scribe Fear is A Liar

The “believers” tell us it’s all really true;
That’s what believers in a faith always do.
Not relying on facts,
Using fear to raise tax;
Hell fire and damnation now due!


Have you ever asked yourself why,
Political science created this lie?
Look through your fear,
There’s no danger near,
Just the control of the energy supply!

Will Scribe Global Warming the Nineties

A climate scientist down on his luck,
Said brother can you spare a buck;
My lies were exposed,
The grant doors were closed;
Defamed and degraded, what a schmuck!

Will Scribe Global Warming Image 1

To ensure climate grants are getting paid,
Wilder and wilder claims are being made.
Every natural storm
Is now out of the norm;
How else can they keep us afraid?


Mother Nature has for millions of years,
Controlled climate, no man made fears.
She knows no validity,
For man’s stupidity;
She’s laughing so much she’s in tears!

Will Scribe Mother Nature Laughing

Global warming, a rising temperature range,
Has now morphed into climate change.
Change of name needed,
As temperatures receded,
Don’t you find that to be kind of strange?

Will Scribe Global Warming Image 2

There’s still no proof after all of these years;
The only thing “man-made” is our fears.
Will the scientists remain
On their gravy train,
As the fog of deception now clears?

Will Scribe Alice in Wonderland

All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2014

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